Trebišnjica is underground river Herzegovina 96.5 km long, which springs near Bileca under srmog Department Vlajinja mountain (492 meters) at an altitude of 398 meters. Catchment area is 2,250 square kilometers Trebišnjica is part of a complex of underground and aboveground rivers whose ultimate purpose of the Adriatic Sea, this is the river Ombla (also known as Dubrovnik River) which flows into the sea near Dubrovnik. On Trebišnjici the planned construction of seven hydroelectric power plants of which have so far built four: Trebinje I, Trebinje II, Dubrovnik and Čapljina. In hydroelectric power plants Trebinje I, Trebinje II made two artificial lakes: Lake Bilećko and Goričko lake. Before the construction of the hydroelectric plant, Trebišnjica is valid for the longest natural underground river in the world. Rivers and lakes in Trebinje are very rich in fish such as trout, scrapers, catfish, carp, chub. If you want to enjoy fishing on the river Trebisnjica and Lakes and catch your trophy, we are here to provide you all to successfully organize, with all fishing equipment needed for your new a fishing adventure. Welcome.


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