Kravice Waterfall

Kravica Waterfall is 40 km from Mostar and was built on the area where the river divides Trebizat, creating a magnificent waterfall height of 30 meters. It is located on the border with Croatian, near the pilgrimage place of Medjugorje from Mostar it by only forty minutes away from the highway corridor 5C, whose first paved kilometers already reached this oasis of peace and greenery, a few minutes walk away. Near the waterfall there is a small cave where you can see stalactites of calcium carbonate, boat and two in the original style restored water mill. Besides just built access roads, which replaced the old dusty gravel road, arranged parking and walkway, which is also a great bike trail and gazebo and restrooms. In one summer day waterfall known to have more than 2,000 customers. The waterfall is particularly attractive when, so to speak, isparcelizira and make several small waterfalls, swimmers can serve as showers, while their large limestone masses rising up to 12 meters, serve as ramps. In season five to nine months late night work and four restaurants. If you want to stay overnight is most practical to bring a tent that can be set precisely at Kravica. The meeting will come out and the staff of the nearby restaurants, so do not hesitate to ask. River Trebizat enables pleasant excursions in the canoe, organized by local experienced operators. Such a thing should not be missed, as it will be stressful pace of everyday life in this environment seem a distant memory.