Fans of extreme sports, let’s go into an unforgettable adventure. The favorable position of the mountain Leotar enables you to the starting position at an altitude of 950 m and 1200 m for paragliding.

With instructor flying dress and equipment sitting in a tandem paraglider, the adrenaline starts to get disturbed and moving adventure. Before you can show a beautiful panoramic view of Trebinje and attractive environment, a vista reaches to the Adriatic Sea. You will feel relaxed and all the freedom like a bird.


It is located at 950m above sea level. Altitude is 720m. Start is facing south. Take off the mguće the SE, S, SW direction of the wind. It is also suitable for beginners. At the same time can start 2-3 wings. Exceptional conditions give the possibility fly over in all directions. Start is located above the town of Trebinje, on which comes more than a good way, 15-minute drive from the city center. It is suitable for paragliding school.


It is located at 1200m above sea level, on the extension of the massif from the mushrooms just 1 km as the crow flies next to broadcasting transmitters at 1080 meters above sea level. Start is south-facing and can be used only experienced pilots. Reached by extension the same way that reaches Mushrooms. All other data are valid as well for the fungus, except that Leotar is in the better position, high altitude which allows a longer flight and more enjoyable.

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