Pocitelj is unusual oriental-style town on the left bank of the Neretva River, 3 km from severono Capljine, which is obligatory stop on the way from Mostar to Hutovo Nature Park or the Adriatic Sea. From Pocitelja to the sea can be reached in less than half an hour drive to the south, via M-17th Fortress in Pocitelj is renewed in 1383 by Bosnian King Tvrtko I, as a mainstay in the fight against the Turks in the valley of the Neretva. The first document from 1444 mentions neretvanski city Poèitelj belonging to Herceg Stjepan. After the Turkish conquest, during the 15th and 16th centuries, the city takes on the status of the administration’s office seats and significant features Oriental-Mediterranean style, with numerous and very significant architectural buildings. Poèitelj was part of the Ottoman Empire until 1878. After the establishment of the Austro-Hungarian authorities in BiH in 1878, Počitelj lost its strategic importance and suddenly collapses, which contributed to the preservation of authentic historical core of the present day.

A unique resort Poèitelj, the UNESCO World Heritage List is the recent renewal restore its original appearance. In addition to stunning oriental architecture, with buildings built in the period of 400 years, Poèitelj includes the oldest art colony of South-East Europe. Artists from around the world gather here, by cultural issues, but also because of the bright red pomegranate and fig trees, which are in abundance on the slopes in the vicinity Pocitelja. Hadzi-Alija mosque in the first half of the 16th century has been restored, and Sisman-Ibrahim Pasha Madrasah and House Raven Kapetanovića, all of which are open for visits. The most interesting object in Počitelj the clock tower, a round-fortress that rises to the top of the hill above the city, next to which is a hamam / public bathroom /. The clock tower was a watchtower and the army that protected the city from possible attacks from the side of the valley. In addition to the hamam was a han – a resting place for caravans, which is renewed famous restaurant. Numerous historical buildings and unique atmosphere make Poèitelj city-museum.